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JBranding PR & Media Relations
JBranding is committed to communicating your company’s value and the products/services you provide to the world - and more specifically – to your target audience!

As your full service Public Relations agency, we work with all media types - magazine & newspaper editors, radio & TV producers - to get your stories in the news. Due to a dramatic increase in content in the world today, there are only so many stories the media can, or will cover in an edition. This is why JBranding works passionately at crafting new angles to attract attention and present you in a demanding positive light. Effective communications is more than a series of one-off announcements. You need a unique story. There needs to be consistency & pattern. You need to build relationships with reporters & editors.

What JBranding PR does for you:

- Work as your press office for media inquires & PR solutions
- Update and Manage your Media Relationships
- Create & Distribute Press Releases Locally & Nationally
- Provide Press Clippings & Media Transcripts
- Develop compelling story ideas and news angles for media exposure
- Options to Plan Special Events & Community Involvement
- Conduct and Collect Market Research
- Promote your company/product/service online using Searching Engine Marketing and Online Viral Marketing Techniques.

signup icon PR & the Media Public Relations is an art. One must understand your product or service perfectly, understand the value it brings to the market, then make your message interesting to others so they will write about it & spread the word. JBranding is one of the most cost effective choices available.

stationery iconAutomated PR Program For companies that do not wish to manage their own promotions internally, a package of wired press releases, measurable emails & newsletters as well as ongoing calls to media – help keep your business and product name in the ears of the press – and written in the media!

response iconCopy Writing & Editing The team at JBranding has over a decade of copy writing and editing experience in a variety of entertainment and CPG industries. Sometimes the best of content needs to be refocused to be even better. Communication is key. We come in and write new content or take text you already have, and edit it - add to it - and refocus it to speak to your audience on a clear and potent level.

JBranding PR Options
You Decide the Level of Investment:
In order to make this all happen, we’ve put together Packages that are built to make your communications goals easier to obtain on a regular basis.

Basic P.R. Package
The quick start option. This package is designed for businesses in search of local & national media placements. It includes review of company product and messaging, pitching to magazines, newspapers and online media (blogs, etc.) every month. Low cost and effective!

Full P.R. Package
This package is designed for intense media relations for companies with long-term, national & local public relations goals. Includes in-depth research of company, targeted media lists, SEO press release distribution, individualized email/phone pitching to media outlets and pitching of story angles with an emphasis in top-tier press coverage. Reasonable exploration of advertising, celebrity marketing, event gift bag and holiday gift guide opportunities included. Frequent communication and reports provided. Its cost effective nature makes this choice our most popular package.