About JBranding

JBranding is a boutique Public Relations agency with locations in San Jose & Anaheim, California. Catering primarily to Japanese companies looking to grow their market in America, JBranding has proven that cost effective PR services do not have to come with an expensive price tag. The company’s services focus on publicity plans, press releases, media management and search engine marketing (SEM & SEO).

JBranding’s specialized approach brings simplicity to the confusing world of communications and delivers measurable results. We combine the duties of a marketing & promotions department and Localization of Japanese content in a plug in play nature that is both time effective and cost efficient.

JBranding goes beyond goodwill or the desire for repeat business. Your needs are uniquely assessed during a free advisement session. Then a specialized strategic plan is drafted articulating needs and options for solid long term success of the project. Results are then delivered and carefully measured.

Special Thanks

JBranding would like to thank pivotal members of the community that have had outstanding impact on our success: Mr. Rushton Hurley, Mr. Ewen Cluney, Dr. Marilyn Easter, Professor Joelle Maletis, Mr. Robert Bricken, and the Griffin Family.

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