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JBranding is excellent for small to midsize companies looking to cut costs and substantially improve their marketing and promotions. By utilizing JBranding, you do not have to hire additional employees – meaning you get pre-defined, specific results in a timely manner.

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Branding & Design

With all of the alternatives in the market it’s vitally important to give people a simple & clear picture of your company, service and product. We help you to become remarkable. Building your Identity, logo, print materials and online presence all comes down to design and how your target audience perceives your value. Create a new identity or refresh your current look.


Launching an advertising campaign can be a tough task when you don’t know your options. Media buying doesn’t have to be rocket science, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. But if your advertisements are not reaching the right people, it could mean money down the drain. You need to make sure you’ve targeted the right audience through the right media sources.

Public Relations and media management

Public Relations is an art. One must understand your product or service perfectly, understand the value it brings to the market, then make your message interesting to others so they will write about it & spread the word. JBranding is one of the most cost effective choices available. A package of wired press releases, measurable emails & newsletters as well as ongoing calls to media – help keep your business and product name in the ears of the press – and written in the media!

Online Covered

Creating New Experiences

Social Networking

The internet today is set up to facilitate conversations. People are talking 24/7 about your brand. What are they saying? What are you saying to them? People don’t buy brands anymore… they join them. JBranding helps make your business more social.

Internet Promotions

Regardless what business you’re in, if you’re selling to consumers or other businesses, the bottom line is that your website is the first point of the decision making process for your customers. Does your website fully communicate who you are, the quality you provide and information about your service and product?

SEO & Adwords

Search engine optimization is built upon proper coding, site structure, copywriting and the correct usage of keywords. When you have all of these elements, great SEO results occur. To expand on great SEO results, an adwords advertising program can be incredibly cost effective!

Online Lead Generation & Sales Support

Set up and deliver automated marketing & sales promotions to get more done in less time. Options include measurable & traceable eNewsletters, targeted contact lists and more.

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