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JBranding can provide your event with years of B2C and B2B event experience. Whether you’re looking to bolster the sales for your convenient or source keynote speakers for an industry roundtable, JBranding ensures results.

Event Sales

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The breadth of titles, genres, and products associated with anime and pop-culture events is vast. These conventions span decades upon decades of series and shifting audience interests that span generations. To ensure you capture your attendees’ interests with your sponsorships you need the knowledge, experience, and background necessary to navigate these deep waters. JBranding possess these tools and more to ensure your event can pursue the best possible activations, while also ensuring your partners see the ROI results they need.

JBranding will ensure that the following things are created, reviewed, and/or managed for your sales process:

-Event Sponsorship Decks

-Event Prospectuses

-Event Sponsorship Tracking Documents

-Event Sponsorship Contract Processes

Documentation aside, sales can often be a long process that takes place over several weeks, even months. From reaching out to partners, discussing options, presenting upsell opportunities, and finally to closing the deal, JBranding has experience with every step. Your team can rest easy knowing that the sales for your show will be handled in an effective manner that will leave your attendees thoroughly engaged and your partners impressed with the results.

Areas of experience include, but are not limited to, banners, booths activations, general sponsorships, in-kind sponsorships, program guide/booklet ads, and mobile app ads.

Event Development

Creating New Experiences

Convention 1.1


An exciting addition to any convention, big or small, is a live concert. Whether to serve as the highlight of the weekend or to simply end it with a bang, concerts have the ability to drive ticket sales and attendee enthusiasm. But, executing these complex set-pieces can be daunting for the uninitiated. JBranding offers a wide variety of services to help make the process seamless:

Celebration Events

Interested in offering something more unique than a simple concert to your attendees? Celebration Events bring together musical talent and a beloved series or movie together to create something truly unique and memorable. The cornerstone of any celebration is the creation of a unique video, showcasing the musical talent’s rendition of music from the designated series. These creative pieces can be used to not only promote your convention, but also the celebration event itself.

B2B Services


Networking is as essential as it can be daunting, especially in the world of entertainment. Often, the best place with networking opportunities are business to business events. JBranding brings years of B2B, career coaching, and entertainment knowledge to help foster your B2B event’s growth.

-Keynote Speaker: JBranding has years of experience as not only an event speaker, but also as a career coach. The knowledge and background this brings adds invaluable content to your B2B event’s programming and attendees.
-Speaker Sourcing: Sometimes the hardest part of any event planning can be finding the right speaker or guests. With years of experience behind us, JBranding can assist with sourcing the perfect speakers for your event’s lineup.

-Programming Development: What’s the point? What’s the goal? These are just a couple questions you should ask when thinking of programming. Any event’s offerings should not only be varied, but also adequate for the expected audience. JBranding can help sculpt your B2B event’s lineup so your attendees have plenty to look forward to.

-Venue Coordination: The right venue can make or break an event. If it’s too small or too large the atmosphere makes for a difficult networking environment. From meeting rooms to restaurants, we can help make sure your event’s spaces are perfectly suited for all needs.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to: Networking, event sales, and the anime & Japanese pop-culture industry.

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